Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Tonight Cupcake Lily Loves Tamar Mogendorff

"Using thousand and thousand of fabrics and threads to create her ideas in her Brooklyn workshop, Tamar Mogendorff's world is populated with swans, bears and mushrooms carefully made by her fairy fingers. The originality of her creations is in the choice and assembly of the fabrics from gaudy to the precious, the subtle or solid."

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Loving this Lamp

Well we are re-decorating the Bedroom In the new house and so far I am thinking Choclates, rich creams and olive green tones!
and I Love the shanghai Table Lamp from next £60 it's got big style glamour at a low price budget (Lowish!!)

Hello Kitty Finds a Toadstool !!!

Hello Kitty finds a Toadstool!

New Design 15cms Tall and 18mm Thick.

It is trimmed in a pink Gingham ribbon, has a fimo Hello Kitty Head, some little button detailing (buttons will vary but colours will stay similar) and a wooden toadstool with a little flower door so the fairies can go to bed in peace!!!!

This can be customised to any design, colour, character and Initial Just contact me with details.

This design is £17.50

Thanks for Looking x

Monday, 25 January 2010

Buying This for Evie

Boon's Grass Countertop Drying Rack

At last I need to purchase this ASAP

My Newest Plaque

From My Jungle Collection, can feature any animals! £23.00

UK handmade crafts

I'm loving this Blog

So Cute

Spotted this group on Facebook earlier. This ladies designs are super cute, love them. You can find her on facebook her page is called FUNKYHOOKER. I need one for Evie

New to this!

Hi Bloggers!
This my first post. I will be mainly blogging new items I create and would love feedback, but I will also be adding items that inspire me and things I LOVE.
Looking Forward to it Lots xxx